Other ambiances

  • Here you go, discover an extravert and expressive palette. One part funny, one part audacious and sprinkle with a carefree attitude and you get the perfect antidote to plain and boring. And why not using a bit of decofun to spice up the décor! Play these colorful rythms along with black and white notes.

  • The modern era colours combinations of the 60's are revisited to create a space with optimal ease of use, ponctuated by a strong graphic effect. Complex neutrals find their energy balanced by bold accents of true colours. This room fells well organized thanks to this fresh and efficient design approach.

  • A great inspiration for a soft and romantic palette is the French style of 1920 and 1930. Elegant, sometimes ornate but never ostentatious, it is a delicate look, perfect for those you yearn for senenity with a touch of luxury. This sophisticated palette combines muted pastels with the beautiful and complex neutral colors of shell and pebbles. Nice with soft trim and celing colors like 5-12-1.

  • A palette inspired by tradition and diverse cultural backgrounds brings a combination of drama and comfort. The rich yet cozy tones of russet, mustard, plum and leaf green are ideal for givng character. Use with warmer wood finishes and offwhites like 3-8-1 or 3-9-1.